Sunday, February 17, 2013

FEB 25th ...don't miss this

so I am back on stage for one night in the JOHNSON CHRONICLES ...come check us out please ...forward to a friend ...see flyer below:

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Taxman World Premiere

Pan African Film Festival ...World Premiere of 'Talking with the Taxman about Poetry' February 8th 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What I am up to this month February

Greetings people Happy New Year: Beginning this weekend February 8th ...I am involved with in a few projects and would be happy to see you at any or a few of them. If you cannot all good there will be more...just pass the word on to any you think might be interested...Maximus Love from me to YOU

Film Screenings and Play Readings: All information below...please come and check out what you can: (I am acting in a feature film, I directed a 'short' film and performing in 4 very good plays (Stage Readings)

  PLEASE NOTE: TAXMAN has listed by itself.  HE KNOWS MY HEART is listed in "SHORTS SERIES #8"


Over 40 plays and 3 Special Events 

January 31 - February 25

Immerse yourself in our biggest new play festival of the year!


"Time of Troubles" Sunday Feb 10th 1pm at the Atwater Village Theater

"Los York" on Saturday February 16th, 4pm           

"The Autopsy of the Honeybees" Thursday February 21st 8pm

"The Johnson Chronicles" on Monday February 25th 8pm

Kriol Bwai:
"make Peace the Chief organizing Principle of your Life and judge everything by that standard"
Official Website: